The Roblox Capstone Case is always a hit!

27 June 2023

Professor Barbara Reda: Unleashing Management Magic with the Roblox Capstone Case


Education doesn’t have to be all textbooks and lectures, and Professor Barbara Reda knows exactly how to bring fun and excitement into the classroom. Teaming up with pedagogical expert Stavros Athanasoulias, Professor Reda has created an innovative management course that keeps students engaged and motivated throughout the semester. With the thrilling capstone Roblox Case at its core, this course has captured the attention of over 350 students, leaving a lasting impact on their management skills and imagination. Let’s dive into the world of Professor Barbara Reda’s dynamic classroom and the adventures her students embark on.

An Interactive Journey:

In Professor Reda’s introduction to management course, students are in for a treat right from the start. Each week, they face a new challenge that puts their management skills to the test. But it doesn’t stop there. Students are also encouraged to maintain a weekly journal, where they can reflect on their experiences and growth throughout the course. This interactive approach not only enhances their learning but also fosters self-reflection and personal development.

The Innovatank Connection:

Professor Reda’s commitment to providing her students with top-notch resources led her to collaborate with the Innovatank editing team. With her request, an open-source textbook on management was custom edited to align with her teaching objectives. This tailored textbook, available on the Innovatank platform, became an indispensable tool in guiding her students through the fundamentals of management.

The Roblox Capstone Case:

One of the highlights of Professor Reda’s course is the highly anticipated Roblox Capstone Case. Inspired by the real-life activities of Roblox and its visionary founder, Dave Baszuski, students are tasked with using their management skills to solve critical issues. The case provides a perfect blend of imagination, creativity, and real-world problem-solving, making it an instant hit among students.

From Dreams to Medals:

As the semester progresses, students prepare for the ultimate challenge—the Roblox Capstone Case competition. With physical medals up for grabs, excitement fills the air as they fine-tune their presentations and polish their management strategies. And here’s the best part: a judging panel surprises the students by making a special visit to Professor Reda’s classroom. The opportunity to showcase their hard work in front of esteemed judges adds an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling experience.

A Memorable Experience:

Professor Reda’s students take the Roblox Capstone Case competition seriously, pouring their hearts and souls into their presentations. The combination of creativity, critical thinking, and management skills truly wows the judges, leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved. The competition becomes a memorable highlight of the course, inspiring students to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

Professor Barbara Reda’s management course is a testament to the power of innovative teaching methods and engaging content. By incorporating the Roblox Capstone Case and leveraging the resources provided by Innovatank, she has created a dynamic learning environment where students thrive. The course not only equips them with essential management skills but also encourages imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Professor Reda’s dedication to providing her students with an extraordinary experience truly sets her apart as an exceptional educator.

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