Job Description: Software Development Internship at Innovatank Corporation

Innovatank Corporation is seeking motivated and talented individuals to join our software development internship program. This internship offers a unique opportunity to learn and work in a real-time environment, where you will interact with users and business partners using our platform. Throughout the internship, you will follow an educational structure while delivering on-time tasks and collaborating with our supervising teams.


  1. Learning from Development Units: You will have the opportunity to learn from three development units at Innovatank. These include the Support Center and Maintenance Team, the Innovation and Research Team, and the Database and Server Team. Each cohort will gain valuable insights from these units, enhancing their understanding of software development processes.
  2. Task Phases and Special Projects: As an intern, you will go through various phases of tasks that will determine your involvement in special projects. These projects involve utilizing programming languages such as Python and PHP, as well as leveraging various developer resources to build real-world applications and machines for market use.


  1. Minimum Educational Requirements: Applicants must have a college or university-level degree in Computer Science or Software Development. We are looking for individuals who have a solid foundation in software development principles and practices.
  2. Successful Completion of the Internship Interview Challenge: Candidates must complete the Internship Interview Challenge, which is designed to assess their problem-solving and technical skills.

Personalities and Skills:

  1. Resourcefulness: We are seeking interns who demonstrate resourcefulness, the ability to work independently, and proactively seek resources to complete tasks. You should be able to contribute to the team while also seeking assistance when needed.
  2. Communication: Strong communication skills are essential, as you will be working with a global Innovatank team comprising individuals from diverse cultures, geographical locations, and time zones. Effective communication is crucial for successful collaboration and project execution.
  3. Teamwork and Leadership: You will be working closely with the Innovatank main units and other teams, taking on various roles in leading and managing projects. We value interns who can effectively contribute to team dynamics, demonstrate leadership skills, and adapt to different working environments.

Submission – Please join in a complete pdf of your resume, cover letter (please be specific with addressing the founders, do research) and the following challenge recommendation in a maximum 2-page report.
– What is your knowledge in coding in .php?
– We are currently building many machines, what is the difference between PostGre and MariaDB, and if we are using .php coding, what should we use as a base structure and why?
– How can you create an LDAP across all components?

Join Innovatank Corporation’s software development internship program and gain hands-on experience, sharpen your technical skills, and work on exciting projects that impact our users and business partners. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a software developer in a dynamic and innovative environment.

Job Category: Internship Software Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hybrid

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