Spread the joy of case studies and competitions. We support organizations in building communities in education. 

Supporting communities is important to us, as you grow, we grow with you. So far we have supported 

In supporting organizations

Dear Organizing Committee,

Thank you for joining us in democratizing case events and spreading
the love education & industry!

What we can offer you:

  • Streamlined logistics 
  • Case expert support & training resources

How our partnership will benefit you:

  • Create international exposure for your event 
  • Grow your event without manual hassle
  • Be part of a community of passionate performers across the world

We support student and community associations in running their case events because we were students and we understand how passionate you are.

We ask in return for exposure opportunities to invite more people to use the platform and positive vibes!

Let’s kick off the year on a strong foot! 


Samie Ly & Stavros Athanasoulias
Co-Creators of Innovatank

Our Sponsorship Plans for you

Here are the most popular plans that we support, feel free to reach out if you have other ideas, we are happy to hear them!

How can you help us spread joy? – Commitment

As part of our sponsorship program, we want to work with you in growing your association and event as far as you can. 
Here is how you can help us: 

  • To be professional and commitment to our partnership through good communication
  • 2 social media posts per event and tag @innovatank
  • Showcase our logo on your website Media Kit here
  • 2 seats at your networking events
  • Top finalists invitation to the World XP 
  • Open to collaboration with other communities
  • To agree that our partners may have recruitment interested in hiring participants of your event

Sponsorship Request Form

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Please allow 2-3 weeks for our team to review the requests.
Be sure to fill up this form at least 3 weeks prior to your planned event. 

Please note that you will only be contacted if your submission is accepted. 

Our Sponsorship Program Opens May of each year. You can submit a request as early. 
The Review team begins selecting partners in June for the upcoming academic year. 
Other applications through out the year are on-going with a delay of 2-3 weeks. 

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Contact Name
Please indicate which sponsorship level you are seeking.
Request for Swag
We have various items to help you showcase your event. Simply let us know what you need.
Please provide us details about your events (even if it is not set in stone). It will help us allocate the right resources for you. Event time and date, #participants, #judges, design of your competition, need for a live case from our partners?, any additional requests?
Please confirm that you have read the commitment plans for the Innovatank Sponsorship.
Innovatank offers 2 main sponsorship packages for the community. As an exchange of our partnership, we wish to be provided with exposure opportunities. Kindly read the commit section on our website. (Professional Communication and Commitment, Minimum 2 Media Posts, Logo on your website, 2 seats invitation to networking opportunities, Top finalists invitation to the World XP, Collaborative with other communities, the agreement that our partners may have a recruitment interest in the participants.)
Please provide us the name and address where we can send the swag to and when you would need it . Thank you.

Final Steps

If you have reached this point, congratulations! We are really excited to work with you.

Please kindly drop your logo so that we can publish our collaboration.