Deliverable Focused 

Encouraging draft versions and various rounds of discussions allows your projects to increase in quality while engaging your team. Don’t aim for perfection, aim to get things done. 

Showcase your brand

An organization of any size can create their universe and welcome others to join. This increases your brand awareness all the whilst educating your community about your projects.

Innovate via Education

We bridge Higher Education (Universities and Colleges) with Industry Corporations to build experiential learning moments. Teach your craft and it will go a long way. 

World Class Community

Collaborate with world-class experts to build better relationships. Create a mindset of collaboration and reinforce your company’s strengths.

Analyze your projects

Great innovations come from iterations from your teams. Your corporate or institutions have a lot of treasure to share. Analyze institutional creativity level by providing them a platform to come up with ideas. 

All-in-One Place

Sit Back and stop chasing for deliverables. Projects stay organized, logistics and feedback are streamlined. Focus your energy on creating opportunities. 

Manage your creations on the go.

Be anywhere in the world and manage your creations, your teams’ deliverables and your growing community at your fingertips. 

The exceptional power of Innovatank now adapts to mobile phones.