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Pedagogy, Research, Stories

Professor Carmen Kuczewski’s Classroom

Professor Carmen Kuczewski’s Classroom

Professor Carmen Kuczewski's Innovative Approach to Education with the Innovatank Platform   In the world of academia, there are educators who go above and beyond to provide their students with a unique and enriching learning experience. Professor Carmen...

Bringing soft skills to the next level!

Bringing soft skills to the next level!

Professor Dave De Koos: Igniting Engagement and Elevating Case Competitions with Innovatank Education is a journey of continuous improvement, and Professor Dave De Koos from Champlain College is a shining example of a passionate educator dedicated to enhancing student...

The foundations are the same, but our perspective has changed. Tech enables us to gain more insights on students’ individual needs


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Pedagogical Intentions

Traditional teaching is no longer relevant and Innovatank is one tool that can lead teaching into the future as it is based on the practice side of learning and allows for teaching what industry is expecting of graduates

Graduate Professor

Business Technology

Case challenges help keep my class engaged and students retain information better with the concrete examples that we’ve seen. This helps them remember the theories that we learned.

Undergraduate Professor


From what I have seen, no other platform has students collaborate and see the work of others.

Educator from John Abbott College

Business Administration

Shyam Kantesariya - Data Engineer

He started his life in India, then moved to Canada to specialize in computer sciences and cryptocurrency architecture. Shyam shares his experience as he landed positions in top tech companies.

Sheryl Song - Co-Founder at RYNA

Sheryl gave an impressive pitch on Dragon’s Den last year. She is disrupting the real estate industry by creating an inclusive solution for the growing rental community as house prices rises. 

Mohit Parmar and Jaime Pablo - Gold Medalists at I.C.B.C.

Mohit Parmar and Jaime Pablo were top performers at the international level. They share fundamentals on how to read, analyze, create and present a tech case. 

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