Shelly Elsliger

Shelly Elsliger

Shelly Elsliger: Author and LinkedIn Expert at Innovatank

Shelly Elsliger is not your typical LinkedIn Trainer. With a focus on Social Reciprocity, she helps you win on LinkedIn by optimizing your LinkedIn Story and building belief in your narrative. As the LinkedIn CKO (Chief Kindness Officer), Shelly's goal is to foster a globally supportive community where relationship-building skills and kindness build trust.

Now is the time to blaze your unique trail, create "AHA" moments, and revolutionize your approach to LinkedIn. Shelly has conducted over 400 workshops, talks, and keynotes for various professionals, including executives, associations, entrepreneurs, and women leaders. Her signature workshops, "LinkedIn in High Heels: Rise Up and Lead Online," empower women to become influential leaders by embracing their authentic selves.

Certified as a Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Shelly has gained recognition as a Forbes Writer and a globally recognized LinkedIn expert. Her diverse experience as a professional LinkedIn Trainer and Coach ensures a breadth of knowledge and an engaging approach to all her workshops and talks.

Enjoy your LinkedIn journey while leveraging this essential tool to support your transition into professional greatness. LinkedIn is no longer an option—it's a must-stop-shop for professionals seeking success. Trust Shelly Elsliger to guide you on this transformative path.