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27 April 2023

Professor Dave De Koos: Igniting Engagement and Elevating Case Competitions with Innovatank

Education is a journey of continuous improvement, and Professor Dave De Koos from Champlain College is a shining example of a passionate educator dedicated to enhancing student engagement. With a desire to push the boundaries of traditional teaching methods, Professor De Koos turned to Innovatank, an innovative platform designed to foster experiential learning. From introduction to business to marketing, he has successfully incorporated Innovatank into his courses and is now collaborating with the Innovatank Pedagogical team to develop case competition training, aiming to elevate the Champlain College case team’s performance in the next regional competition. Let’s dive into Professor De Koos’s exciting journey and the impact of Innovatank on his teaching approach.

Curiosity Meets Engagement:

Professor De Koos’s interest in Innovatank was piqued by his curiosity about further engaging his students. He recognized the importance of creating an interactive and immersive learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setup. By utilizing the Innovatank platform, he found a solution that met his goals and allowed him to revolutionize his teaching methodologies.

The Power of Flow and Real-Life Cases:

Innovatank’s unique flow captivated Professor De Koos and his students. Through the platform, they are grouped together to tackle real-life cases, applying their knowledge and skills to find practical solutions. This collaborative approach not only encourages teamwork but also equips students with valuable problem-solving skills that they can carry into their future careers. Additionally, Innovatank provides comprehensive training on building effective presentation slide decks, delivering impactful presentations, and providing constructive feedback—a complete package for experiential learning.

Soft Skills Development and Industry Connections:

Innovatank goes beyond just case competitions. It also offers training modules to develop students’ soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. By showcasing local business issues, the platform helps students connect with real-world challenges and gain insights into various industries. Moreover, the top-performing students are rewarded with the opportunity to meet the founders of different companies, expanding their network and deepening their understanding of the business world.

A Supportive Global Community:

In addition to its student-centered focus, Innovatank builds a supportive community for educators worldwide. As a junior professor, Professor De Koos found a great starting point with Innovatank, benefiting from the shared experiences and knowledge of fellow educators. Many faculty members eventually become authors with Innovatank, contributing to the growth and development of the platform’s ready-made content and customization options.

Ready-Made Content and Customization:

Innovatank offers a wide range of ready-made content that allows teachers to hit the ground running. With just a few clicks, educators can access comprehensive materials tailored to their courses. Additionally, the platform allows for easy customization and editing of books, empowering professors like Professor De Koos to shape their teaching materials to suit their specific requirements.

Professor Dave De Koos’s adoption of Innovatank has transformed his classrooms into vibrant and engaging learning environments. Through the platform’s real-life cases, collaboration features, and comprehensive training modules, he has successfully enhanced student engagement and cultivated valuable skills for their future success. Innovatank’s supportive global community and customizable content have empowered him to deliver dynamic teaching experiences. Professor De Koos’s journey exemplifies the power of innovation in education and the profound impact it can have on student learning and growth.

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